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Key points this webinar will cover:
Comparison of the HK tax system vs the UK
What are the similarities and differences?  
More than you can think of.  
The 3 taxes to plan to mitigate
Income, Capital Gains, and Inheritance Tax.

Take advantage of tax saving opportunities so you can do more with your money. 

Settling-in/Relocation Services
There is more to than simply buying a flight and packing your belongings.  You will learn how to "live" in the UK. 

Our Speaker

Annette M Houlihan is the founder and Managing Director at Carey Suen Will Services in which she provides International estate planning advice and Carey Suen Visa in which she helps people move efficiently to the UK. After starting her career in accounting in the UK, she moved into financial services in 1986. She has worked for Royal Life, Laurention Mildon, and J Rothschild before relocating to HK in 1995. Since then she has provided financial advisory for Credit Suisse, Barclays, HSBC, and many other financial institutes; her knowledge and experience gained on a global scale over 35 years would be especially valuable for individuals with assets internationally.

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